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I don't like driving home in the dark...

...at least in the country. I haven't driven home in the dark from work in so long. You have to be so attentive, and after being at work for 10 hours, the driving experience is more 'ugh' then anything. Plus, my biggest concern, deer.

Last night, a bit mentally exhausted, my eyes were on the constant search for deer on the side of the roads, or on them. I didn't see any, thankfully, but trying to search for them constantly for a few miles is annoying. Cars are easy to spot, they have headlights, unfortunately deers don't.


Case in point, coming home from thanksgiving after dark, I almost hit a deer about to cross the road. I didn't see it, my wife did. She yelled it out about a mere 20' before I almost hit it. It blended perfectly into the side of the road (at least to me).

I just prefer to head into work early, just so I can get home before/during dusk. It's easier to see your surroundings when daylight is still out.

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