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I don't like having to use air freshener...

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... but right now I don’t have a choice. My upstairs neighbor had about 8-9 friends over and they were out on the porch smoking some of the skunkiest weed I’ve smelled in some time. They were rather loud and I politely asked them to quiet down a bit and they seemed cool with that and took their gathering inside. But in opening the door my place started to fill with smoke.


This place is supposed to be no smoking and no drugs, but I won’t begrudge them their fun - I just wish I could partake. They were outside, which is cool, but now my place has the stank. They do have one other option - if they go up to the third floor, the second level of their unit, they can easily hop onto the roof and smoke there without bothering anyone or being spotted.

I have found a good distribution method for air freshener. I just turn on the fan on my central A/C then spray the air freshener into the return air ducts in the hallway which spreads it throughout the whole house. I did spray a bit more around the entry since that’s where the stink is strongest. With the Nest thermostat it’s extremely easy to set the fan to run for a certain duration; I have it set for two hours, and by the time I get back home the stench should be gone.

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