I sat in traffic for about 30 minutes next to one of these and I had a good long time to stare at it. MY conclusion is that it’s a terrible design.


It looks like its wearing a giant diaper and its visual weight is, somehow, way more than its physical weight. They try really hard to tone down the 10 inches of car bellow the already tall painted body work and it works in pictures but it does NOT work in person. It’s really badly proportioned in real life.

Not even epic Utah scenery can save it.

The main problem is the back.


Everything is wrong with this. All. The. Things. SO much dead space it makes even the huge wheels look like little castors. The rear windows slaves the main window line and it looks terrible for it. A tiny squint of a window on a huge diapery butt.

Here is a 5 minute photshop fix


Instead of feeling compelled to draw an artificial character line from the headlights back to the taillights like literally every other thing on the road these days...it’s simply flat and purposeful which draws its own character line. Instead of doing the some from the vent its gone. This version drops hundreds of lbs of visual weight and gives a much more complete, less swollen look.

Tell me I’m wrong here.




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