What is it with the impatient, more-important-than-you types that seem to be taking over the whole damned planet? I was in line at Costco today getting a bite to eat. Some douchenozzle went over to the register that was not open and tried to place an order. He was informed that there was a line off to the left, and he sort of got in it, albeit quite reluctantly.

As I was placing my order, he moved over to my left, grabbed a cup and handed the cashier a dollar. Excuse me? Wait your fucking turn, asshole. I was a little miffed that the cashier actually took his money and gave him change instead of telling him to wait his god damned turn.

I’m not mad that I was delayed 22 seconds getting my bratwurst. I am pissed that there are just too many people think that the rules of society don’t apply to them and that can just walk over the rest of us that are trying to be polite and civil.

/rant off