I don't like taking pills

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Plus five more of the big white ones in the morning.

In the past, if I could avoid taking a pill, prescription or OTC, I preferred to take that route whenever possible. The possibility of addiction or side effects had me concerned, and I just toughed it out. There was also the case of Reyes’s syndrome I experienced, caused by my well-intentioned mother giving me too much aspirin when I was younger - damn near killed me. But then I got old.


Eventually I received some diagnoses on various ailments. Living without seizures, no matter how mild they were (no loss of consciousness), is wonderful. Creaky joints not aching? Also quite nice. Thankfully I can swallow pills without gagging, or require them to be broken up and served in a spoonful of honey like when I was a child. I guess this daily assortment of medical miracles is the new normal.

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