It’s raining today, when the car in front of me decides they need to make a right turn from the left lane of the off ramp. And comes to a complete stop for no apparent reason right in front of me, no blinker, while traffic is flying up behind me coming off the interstate.

Since I had no idea what fecesface was doing (because blinkers are hard) the horn was laid on until they were off the off ramp. You do not put me in danger by coming to a complete stop on a 50mph road.


Tangential rant: why the hell do people in Texas SLOW DOWN ON THE ON RAMP. The frontage road speed limit is 55mph, I-35 is 65mph, what part of this is too hard to understand? Why are you slowing down??? This is the most annoying thing when you’re driving a 65hp car and need the on ramp to ACCELERATE TO HIGHWAY SPEED. Holy shit, why are people this fucking stupid allowed to drive?

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