I dont need a truck

Explain this:


I have about 1,500 pounds of hardwood flooring to pick up on friday. I wanted to make sure I would be able to (safely) make it from the supplier to home so I started looking into the payload capacity of the available vehicles. How is it possible that my father’s Tacoma TRD only has a payload of 910 lbs which is being put to shame by the worlds most despised form of vehicle?

The plan is to put 50% in each vehicle to keep things as easy as possible.

I’m sure i’ll have to buy 100 lbs of nails at some point.

any advice on laying hardwood? I have 3 1/4" prefinished maple. I’ve only done a wide plank pine floor before, where I face nailed with square cut nails. This floor is all concealed nails.

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