I Don't Need It, I Don't Need It

As some may know, I have an irrational want for a Dodge Dakota Convertible. It’s manual, 4WD, drop top capabilities make it ideal and terrible for every single season.

While doing my bi-weekly Dodge Dakota Convertible search, I found one close by that has almost everything I want.


Now, whenever I find things I irrationally want on Craigslist, I need to ask a few questions...

  1. Is this a stupid idea? Yes
  2. Do you have any practical reason for this purchase? No
  3. Will family/friends be dissapointed in your decions? Most likely.
  4. Will people question your morals and sensibilities? Yes
  5. Are you sure you know what you are doing? Do I ever?
  6. Is this an improvement of your overall methods of transport? Absolutely not.
  7. Should you really even think about spending money on this? Probably not.
  8. What will most likely be the outcome of this scenario? I will have a play toy that I am constantly worrying about getting towed. It will also probably leak all over the parking lot.

Next is to lay out the pros and cons of the vehicle in question.


  • Manual
  • 4WD
  • Close by
  • Looks like it is in 1 piece
  • Runs


  • No place to put it (complex went all lame and only allows 1 car per resident)
  • Asking price is a significant portion of my net worth
  • repeat 1 and 2
  • Not red
  • Extra registration, taxes, and insurance costs
  • unknowns

Looking at the pictures, a cosmetic restoration doesn’t look all that difficult. The RF fender needs a repaint, the bench needs to be sewn up, and the door panels need some work on the sun fade.


The biggest concern I have from the pictures is rust. Those bumpers look particularly bad for some reason, especially the plate lights and hitch. It makes me suspicious of what the frame looks like.


The description says that they bought it to restore it, but didn’t have time. That makes me think there is something more to this. I hope there isn’t, but all that cosmetic stuff looked, well cosmetic. Other than money, I don’t see why it couldn’t be done.

$3500 for a 185000 mile Dakota convertible is high, but not completely unreasonable (there are some wackadoo prices out there), it is a good start. Can that be brought down a bit?


The want is strong with this one...

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