I don't think I'm actually ever getting my car back

It’s now been exactly eight (8) weeks since The Accident. Just about every week since the end of January I will get an email from the shop that reads

extending the repairs until the following week due to a delay in getting some part or another. I just called insurance to extend my rental i30 yet again. I’ve called so many times that one of the phone reps recognised me from the last time. My inbox looks like this


Am I bothered? Not particularly. No part of this exercise is costing me anything out of pocket. So we’ll wait :). I’d say that between the repair cost and the amount of time for the rental they’ve paid over the insured value of the car.

It’s become a running joke among my friends that I’m never going to see it again. We’ll see what “tuesday afternoon” brings.


I do miss it though.

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