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My grandfather had this back in the 80s. 1983 Z28. He pulled whatever the stock engine and trans were, and dropped in a built 350 (good for 425hp, according to him) from a ‘68 Chevelle post car he had (I don’t think he has any pictures- I gotta find out!) and put in a built, full reverse manual valve body TH350. He swapped in 4.10 gears and put Cherry Bombs on it. This car was freaking wicked.

One of my favorite stories is from when my parents were still dating. Dad was driving it with my grandmother (R.I.P. 4 years on the 25th) and, of course, was taking it easy as it wasn’t his car, and his girlfriend’s mother was right next to him. She got fed up, and told him, and I QUOTE:

“Pull over and let me show you how to drive this fucker!”

She also broke the speedometer after she had it pegged for too long.

So, what happened to it? Well, Pappaw drove it to work one day after getting it out of winter storage, when smoke started pouring out of the hood. By the time he got the hood open, the interior had gone up as well.


Turned out rats had chewed up the wiring over the previous winter. Luckily, since the engine was all cast iron, and the fire started at the battery, the engine and trans were mostly unharmed, and sit in his garage to this day.

The 350, as it’s sat since the late 80s or early 90s

He ended up replacing it with the Mustang (bought July 22, 1993) which he still has to this day. In fact, we went for a little ride in it just yesterday. No, we haven’t fixed the idle. It really doesn’t *need* to be fixed. Once it warms up, it runs just fine.

I’d love to find another ‘68 post car and put the 350 and the Saginaw 4 speed in it. (The ‘68 Chevelle was a 6 cyl 3 speed he converted over to the 350 with a 4 speed. Why he didn’t use the 4 speed in that Camaro I don’t know).

This isn’t the one he had, but it’s the same color.

This concludes Storytime with JRC (Should I make this a thing?)

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