i don't think thats how it works. For some it does, others, it doesn't

Update: as the comments have become a massive debate, I was suggested to look up the actual law.


while it doesn;t say merging / waiting is banned, it says left turn only, which I would assume bans all other maneuvers. the diagram also does not show any arrows entering the lane.


other states, such as California allows it.


This morning (i’m light blue) while heading to work a car pulled out into the middle turn lane and stopped. I’ve seen a number of people use this lane as a merge lane / waiting lane to merge back into traffic. I thought those lanes were supposed to be used for turning into parking lots, not as a merge lane. when the red car pulled out, the car (dark blue) infront of me must have thought they were going to get cut off, and slammed on their brakes which made me go code brown. I think people like red car should be waiting in the parking lot for a gap in traffic, not pulling across half way and scaring the crap out of others.

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