So my Volvo needs a new distributor as the Hall sensor in it seems to be toast, finding this particular one is no walk in the park to begin with but I happened to luck out and found someone selling one for pretty cheap on eBay but with a slightly mistyped part number on the listing(probably the only reason it hadn't already been scooped up) and bought it on the spot. Well after 5 days of no shipping notice or anything I message the guy and he gave me some story about his internet being out and that he would DEFINITELY have it shipped the next day and he'd even do it priority. Well, that should have put it here Monday morning. Needless to say, no distributor Monday morning. I wasn't too worried though, sometimes things take a little longer. Well this morning I wake up to an email saying my PayPal purchase has been refunded and another message from the dude saying that it was in a box in the garage that got wet and it's all rusted now.

Who fucking sells something they haven't even looked at in months? Who doesn't put their hands on it before making the listing? Why would you wait so long to admit your mistake? Well there goes 2 weeks of my time trying to get this project done, off to find another source I suppose. /pointlessrant