There's a government building near me that has an enormous parking lot behind it that is gravel and about 1/3 mile on each side. Needless to say, when there's nobody around after hours it's rather fun to slide around on.

I drove out to take a couple pictures of my car with my new potato I bought (Lumia 925 for those who give a damn) and decided to try sliding again.

My first attempt consisted of me driving forward, and then doing a Scandinavian Flick. All went well until I realized I forgot to let off the gas so the front wheels just pulled the car straight again. No fun.

My next attempt required a double-clutching movement with my left foot to engage and unlock the parking brake pedal, and turned a bit left. It was quite fun, even with the car flashing lights and beeping at me for being a naughty boy with the parking brake on and the car moving, and I managed to keep the slide going and aim for the paved part of the parking lot, straighten out exactly when I wanted to, then slow down before hitting the 3" difference between the pavement and gravel.

TL;DR 45mph in a parking lot in a FWD sedan with the parking brake on is fun. You should try it.


And here are the pictures I took.