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So my guy friend that I care about just informed me that I come off like an asshole on FaceBook. I don’t know why it is upsetting me so much, but it is. He said, “You come off as a gun toting asshole Republican know it all who thinks everything and everyone is stupid. And I know that isn’t the real you” I just can’t get passed that. I didn’t think I acted any different on FB than I do in regular life. I guess it hurt a little more because he started off with comments on things about how my FB presence is terrible and I started getting offended that he would judge what I wanted to post compared to his kittens and sunshine out his ass. Damn it, sorry I just really needed to vent. Some reason this is really upsetting me. I wonder if it is due to me not wanting people to see me as an asshole... Idk it just doesn’t help I have been feeling like shit lately and this is one of those things I don’t need piled onto my thoughts.

Thanks Oppo for putting up with my bs, here have more Jag

Update: Apparently it has to do with my comments on his posts more than my specific posts. Though all I do is complement things and maybe make a few sarcastic comments. Idk, some reason his friends ask why we are friends and who is this asshole and then he explains that I am not an ass... I guess at least he defends my honor?