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A few months ago I saw the vid where the hoonigan bros visit the MCM guys, and it really made me wonder why the MCM vids are entertaining to watch, but the hoonigan vids just seem like time wasters (I can’t say I’ve made it all the way through more than maybe a couple of their vids, and I still couldn’t make it through this vid even with the MCM guys on camera). And then I realized that I get MCM, and I understand what they’re about - but after thinking about it, I still have no idea what the point of hoonigan is. I see the stickers and stuff, so somebody must get it, but it’s beyond me apparently.

I go to google, and I get an old Jalopnik article that says it explains hoonigan. I read it. I still have no answers. Is this just something that’s a product of its own hype machine?


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