But this lady really pissed me off.

She’s the brown car (it was actually grey, but that would blend in with the road) waiting to turn left. I’m the white one. I didn’t actually move over as abruptly or as close to her as I drew, by the way - it was probably between the two lines behind us in the picture there. But anyway, here’s the thing: she honked and threw her hands up at me. Now, it doesn’t take a genius to see that there are two lanes in this direction, and the right lane doesn’t become a turn lane until ~50 feet beyond the intersection. So I did absolutely nothing wrong, nothing dangerous, and nothing that could have possibly had any effect on her in any way. So I flipped her off. If she’s gonna be angry at me, I’ll make sure she actually has a reason.

Also, interesting, slightly related note: it’s perfectly legal in Georgia to pass on the right, but it’s illegal to BE passed on the right. You are required to move over for a faster vehicle, even if it is speeding. Otherwise, you can get a ticket for “failure to yield.” Obviously that’s not applicable in this situation, but I think the whole passing on the right thing is what got her mad.