I don't want to go!

Tomorrow I go back to work for the first time in a month. Not surprisingly, I really don’t want to go back. Except for this whole surgery thing and tearing my guts out and the cancer and stuff, I’ve really enjoyed having this time off. I got to hang out with my mom, do all sorts of touristy things I’ve been meaning to do for years, cleaned up and organized the house and configured a sweet TV/media setup. It was kind of like being unemployed, which was great except for the lack of money. PTO has run out, so I guess I have to do it. I’ll still be taking time off for chemo and other medical appointments, and hopefully they’ll take it easy on me as I try to get back up to speed. I don’t want to play the ‘C’ card, but I’ll use it if I have to...

And now to head back upstairs. I’ve been sleeping downstairs, in my office, for the last month, even after mom left. It’s probably best that I move back to my bedroom, where my alarm clock, clothes and with the shower with decent water pressure are (you’d think the downstairs shower would have better pressure, but surprisingly not.)


Wish me luck...

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