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I dream of Oppo

It was like this Renegade, only dark red.

Car dreams are something I’m familiar with, as I’m sure we all are. You might end up in a dream where you’re driving down a fine road in your dream car, or might end up in one where you’re sliding towards your death in a 1979 Sedan deVille.

However, I just woke from the strangest car-related dream I’ve ever encountered.

Somehow, I’d been given a Jeep Renegade as a rental, and I’d driven it a long way into the middle of nowhere for some reason. I tried to pull a u-turn in someone’s driveway, and it would not go up the hill back out of the driveway.


When I got back on the road, same thing, it would not go up hills very easily. It always struggled somewhat. When I got back into some civilization, I suddenly turned into some Saabkyle04 style reviewer. I thought the quality was great but the engine was just a tad too weak.

Friends told me that this is an accurate representation of a base Renegade’s driving experience. I’ve never driven a Renegade before. What does this mean?

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