I dropped the damaged engine block for my J2000 off at the machine shop today to see if anything can be made of it...they’re going to take .025 or so off it and see how it looks, maybe go to .040 or so if need be. Hopefully that damaged spot flattens our well enough to at least mostly seal. This isn’t a high dollar or high power car, so pretty good is just right.

But what is definitely better than pretty good is my new to me DHLAs!


Oh yeah, DHLA 40Ns to be exact. They’re everything I dreamed they could be for about 1/4 the cost of used Webers.

I did actually find a replacement engine for my car. It’s just in NY and costs $750, but it’s literally new in its original crate and it’s a 2 liter. If my block doesn’t pan out I’ll have to look into something like that.

I’m also selling the seat out of it, since it doesn’t fit me, and putting a stock J-body seat in for now because hey, it’s not going anywhere. I just want it so I can sit in there and make race car noises.

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