I drove 2016 Crosstrek

I told my friends over a few beers how I was in the long process of window shopping for my wife’s next car. One of their faces lit up as she said, “You wanna drive mine?” Well I never say no to a test drive.

(Context: I have previously posted “anti-positive” things about the Crosstrek on OPPO.]

Photo from teh googles

Hers was that odd color: that satin pearl metallic. Which I think looks amazing, actually. Her interior was of grey seats with the orange stitching. Nice touches all around.

Anyway, the drive: The steering was easy as pie, but not slushy like my Tacoma. The seats were very comfortable, and the visibility was no worse than any other new car. It’s also much faster than it looked. When I asked it to move through town in a clip, it did not disobey. They also let me park it in their incredibly narrow garage. No problems.

Adding more from a passenger’s POV, the backseats have ample leg room and I did not feel impoverished.

The one concern I have with this thing is the cargo capacity. It’s just a lifted Impreza hatch after all, so it has but 3 more cubic feet than my wife’s Pontiac Vibe. I feel that could very well be a deal-breaker for her. Why she wants so much space, I can’t say (*cough* children).


Anyway, I liked the Crosstrek quite a bit. I’m a believer now, and it’s plain to see why they are more common around here than even Camries. Of course, this is Subaru country.

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