I drove 287.5 miles going nowhere today

I've had my Corvette a little over a month at this point. Most of the miles I've put on it at this point have been on a highway.

And I have put miles on the car, over 2,300 miles since I bought it on 3/13/14. I've burned through 100.94 gallons of dead dinosaurs, costing a whopping $387.95.

Today I ventured out on my favorite drive, from my house in suburban St. Louis, to Pacific, MO where the fun starts. According to Google Maps, it's 60.1 miles to that spot, so I spent the remaining 167.3 miles on some very nice and twisty roads, and part of it runs through Mark Twain Forest. Amazingly I didn't get stuck behind many cars, which is why I love this route.


Prior to today the only time I pushed the car through a turn was through my favorite cloverleaf on my way to work. I've probably taken this cloverleaf 1,500 times at minimum over the year in everything ranging from a MKIV GTi, a 2009 WRX, a NB and a NC Miata, a '08 Focus, a '13 Fit and my current beater - a '09 Accent GS. The Hyundai handles it surprisingly well. The Corvette, I hadn't been fully comfortable with, so I was probably faster in the Hyundai - no joke. The steering gets heavy at speed, and I just hadn't been too confident. I'm used to Miatas which have some of the lightest steering racks, but I can understand why a car like the Corvette doesn't have such light steering since it's capable of much higher speeds.

But after today - wow. I love this car. I did not have any "Oh shit" moments, but then again I'm not one to push the car anywhere near it's limits on a public road. But the heavy steering which I was worried about, wasn't even an issue - in fact I didn't even notice it at all.

I've driven this route in the NB and NC Miatas, and even the Fit. And today the car didn't miss a beat.

Here are 3 pictures of it parked on the side of the road. I stopped to take some pictures of passing cars, but there weren't any special cars - just pick ups and Harleys


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