I drove 30 miles for what?

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No, not the lunch. Lunch was delicious. I figured that, since I was this far from home I might as well consol myself with a good meal.


I drove for miles to go to a computer store that frequently advertises all sorts of old parts on CL nice and cheap. I looked at the pictures of the store and they have all the kind of obsolete junk I like, so I made the trek. I get there and the place is dark. The sign says that they’re open M-F 10-6, and I was there on Monday at 3. If they have a retail location with posted hours I would expect them to be open, but in this case there was no explanation. Had I known this I wouldn’t have bothered to make this drive and could have spsted myself the experience of dealing with STI douchebro on the way over.

At least I got a good lunch out of this drive, but now I have to drive to the other end of the county in rush hour traffic. Oh well...

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