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I drove 750i m sport x drive

I drove automotive perfection. A family member just bought a 2016 750i xdrive. It has the executive seating package, nearly every possible other option, such as the amazingly mellifluous upgraded stereo, but most importantly: the m package. The technology far surpassed anything I was able to explore in my drive. To give you an example, it has its own removable tablet and the key itself is kind of a mini tablet.

Performance wise, this car is no joke. The numbers say zero to sixty in about 4 seconds. In reality, engaging sport mode and leaning into the throttle literally had me laughing... and at a reasonable rpm. It is way more fun to drive that you would expect from something approximately the same length as a large GM suv. Say you are cruising at 35 and want to get to 60 quick to attack some upcoming bends in the road. All that the big BMW requires is to just lean on the throttle a bit, and you’ll be doing 70 before you think you’re doing 60. Turbo lag was non-existent. The transmission was flawless with shifts, up or down. Brakes were outstanding - I don’t think I did more than barely brush the peddle, and it scrubbed speed exceptionally well. I wanted to stand on the brakes, but I really did not have to because it stopped so well with so little required input. The numbers say it is heavy, but behind the wheel the weight is not noticeable in regular (including spirited) use - disclaimer: I did not get anywhere near 9/10ths or track speeds.


The car drives smaller than it is. It is telepathic in handling, braking, steering. It is, by far, the nicest interior on any car that I have ever seen. When cruising, thee seats feel more like fully adjustable clouds than they do like leather. When hitting it a bit more spirited, the support somehow seems to materialize. Thoughts running through my head, aside from the “Holy crap this thing has some power” were like “Hey, this seat has side bolsters” and “I’m not sliding” and “there is a lot of grip here for a car this size”

I think I can say with confidence that this car is the best overall car I have driven. I did not notice a single chink in the armor. It looks great, everything feels great. It feels really fast. For such a big car, everything is responsive and it still feels like a driver’s car. It would take me several months just to even learn all of the available features. It has a ridiculous amount of space in the interior, all of which is the most plush thing I have sat in on 4 wheels.


It sounds silly to say this of a car with this price tag, but it seemed like a bargain at the (admittedly very high) price. I think Ferris Bueller said it right when he said: “It is so choice.If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up.”

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