(morning re-post*)

Holy hell,I'm exhausted. Today was amazing but. I'm running on fumes. Forgot to eat, drank plenty of water but there's no time for food when there's cars to be driven.

I auto- Xed a 535i and 535d after some instruction from very knowledgeable drivers whose names I'll have by the time I do a full article on the experience.

I got 30 minutes of solo seat time on the streets of Pasadena in a 228i, 335i GT, 435i convertible, X1 XDrive, 650i convertible, 650i Gran Coupe, and a 750iL. Wish I had a "Jeeves" to drive me home in the 750 after spending the day roasting in the San Gabriel Valley sun.


My head is still spinning from being in and out of all these vehicles, trying to make mental notes about what made each one special. I will say this, there were some surprises in the lineup and they weren't all pleasant.


GoPro battery, phone battery and body battery were toast by 3pm so I will be going back to auto-X a 228i and drive the X3, X5, i3, 335d and 435i coupe. I know, it's a tough job somebody's gotta do it.


Video and full article coming soon, yada yada yada.

I'm gonna go have some beers with a bunch of hot women, Goodnight Oppo!