I drove a 1984 Peugeot 505 GL for 1/2hr today, my quick mini review.

It was a interesting experience.

A sketchy Chinese restaurant felt like an appropriate back drop.

The numbers that matter:

- 2L OHV 4 cylinder pushing 99hp/119lb-ft when new, not even god knows what it makes now.


- RWD with a rear LSD. Basically a NA Miata.

- it weighs 2646lb, maybe less with the rust.

- it has a 5spd

The engine made noise & it moved. The clutch just barely engaged, & it moved. It stopped adequately, it turned adequately. It made mildly concerning noises, but I don’t own it so oh well.

Handling wise with the blown struts & sway bar that was rusted in half it has cargo ship levels of body roll. The brakes squealed like hog in heat, but they still worked. When the owner told me “Don’t shift mid-turn, it will stall. I don’t know why, but don’t.”


Pros: the seats where very comfy, & it was manual.

Cons: everything else.

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