Hey guys in my post earlier today I said I was test driving a Mustang later today, well I did....and it was terrible. The FoST has spoiled me with fantastic steering, from the moment I got in the Mustang I absolutely hated how it drove. Nothing felt right, and I’m not quite sure why.

This steering was so bad I thought something was wrong, the car was slow to react, had tons of play, and little feedback. Now my first car was a ‘02 V6 Mustang so either Mustang steering isn’t really that bad and the FoST is just amazing, or this particular Mustang had something wrong. In the FoST I always have great feel, nice weight, instant feedback, and no play.

The clutch was bad, there was no travel, and it was super heavy. I won’t mark this against the Mustang though because this car had a aftermarket clutch so a OEM is probably much better.

Speed. This is a V8 mustang with a 5 speed manual. This should be fast...right? Well, no in the city this car is slower then my FoST. The long gears, and relatively low power for a such a large car makes it much slower then my FoST in the city. Now the highway is a different story, but in reality who actually drives fast often on the highway?

Finally price, now my FoST currently has 6600 miles and is a 2015 with a extended warranty I pay about $318 a month for it, this Mustang sales price was $18,900. After talking financing he came up with a $340 a month payment, no way. Id never pay more then $290 a month for a 5 year old car with 60,000 miles.

So Oppo that was my day, its strange too because I love the 2013 Mustang GT you’d think id also like the 2010(even though no 5.0). Are there other cars I should look at in the under $19k range, or should I keep the FoST and mod it? Also, AMA about the Mustang.