A buddy of mine was over at my house today and he owns the typical brodozer(hugely similar to the truck above). It's a 2012 6.7L Cummins Ram 3500 with 6" lift and 35" tires on 20" black wheels in mineral grey.

This was my very first time driving a diesel 1 ton truck and this thing was SLOW! My 1.6L Fusion is just as fast if not faster to than this and I find my Fusion really slow. The ride was beyond rough I was bouncing around in that like I was driving an old tractor with no suspension.

I get that these are meant for towing and hauling heavy loads but my friend does none of that. This is all for show(typical brodozer driver).

To use as a daily driver showing off vehicle this is horrible. I used to think I would love one of these but now I know otherwise.

A half ton V8 truck is much faster out of the box and much more suited for daily driver use(if you need a truck, I don't).


I get that the Cummins diesel has HUGE potential for power increases but out of the box if you are looking for something quick and fun to drive this is NOT it.