I have a newfound respect for convertibles and other thoughts about the two.

Let’s get the obvious out of the way. That V8 is fun to mess with! Not only was watching my car from the outside a strange experience, but mashing the go pedal and feeling the instant response and “going” from the GT compared to my experiencing the building anticipation and go of Ecoboost engines for the last three years is a positive strange. The GT just wants to go and go and GO in any gear and at any speed!! my EB is more of a get ready GO depending on the gear and speed.

The GT’s 3.31 gearing makes it so you can go from 0-45mph in 1st gear. My 3.55s make it so I shift into 2nd below 40mph. My friend has hit 0-60 in 4.7 seconds and I’ve managed a 5.5 second attempt and could maybe get closer to 5 seconds if I tried harder. 

The MPG difference in our last tank refills is neat. 17.4MPG vs 20.6MPG is somewhat close.

The GT wins hands down for off the lot fun buhoonery, and the EB needs very little (if you’re mechanically inclined) to reach it’s maximum fun potential without blowing it up. That V8 is fun and I could get into much trouble if I had that as a DD. I maintain I made the right choice for myself at the time with the EB.


I really wanna drive an Challenger next.