It was wrapped highlighter yellow, was on coilovers, and had a very expensive custom exhaust system. It was lovely.

The car is this color under the wrap

The auto rev matching was throwing me off and I kept trying to do it myself, and the clutch was kinda light, but the shifts were nice and the steering was excellent. The coils weren’t really stiff so your teeth weren’t getting knocked out, but it cornered insanely flat. The VQ37 sounded excellent as always, even more so with the exhaust which let it sing when you wanted and was remarkably quiet on the highway. I really enjoyed it and I think a little more highly of the 370Z now.

It was the first really sporty car I’ve truly driven (the 2016 Camaro SS I drove at 5mph doesn’t count) since I had my M3. It just made me miss having a sports car honestly. My Silverado is pretty much the perfect daily for me, but I do miss having something that I can toss around. I really just need two cars apparently.