I kept hearing about crazy deals on Camaros and curiousity got the best of me. I was looking at my local dealer’s inventory and saw a pretty good deal: $9k off a 2LT V6! It was an auto, but I figured I’d go try it out anyways. Here are my thoughts, keeping in mind I daily drive its competitor

Not the actual car, but it looked like this

- The noise is fantastic. This one had the dual mode exhaust and it sounded great. A bit raspy, but good. Much better than the Mustang which sounds like nothing

- The power is decent. I was expecting more but I don’t know why. Felt similar to the Mustang, but the Mustang feels more powerful IMO. The responsiveness of NA is nice, but the noises and turbo behavior of the Ecoboost is more fun I think. If all I cared about was performance I think the V6 is better, but then again ~340hp and ~390 lb ft of torque with a warranty are available on the Mustang so I don’t know who wins here

- The transmission sucks. Okay it’s a fine auto, but it’s an auto. Paddle response is mediocre. 8 speeds is neat, turns very little RPM on the highway, but it should be a manual. The Mustang had a very nice transmission, so this remains up for debate

- I couldn’t test the handling. Felt ok from what I could tell. Honestly the drive felt a lot like the Mustang. The Camaro maybe felt a bit smaller


- I like the Mustang’s interior quite a bit more. I think the Camaro has slightly better materials, but the style and layout of the Mustang is much better. The Camaro does have a HUD and it’s very good. This one had the convenience and lighting package which is a nice touch but invisible during the day. I did notice the steering wheel controls creaked a lot, not a good look. Also the Camaro’s gauge cluster is big and cluttered

- Visibility. Honestly the camaro isn’t bad forward or sideways. Blind spots are huge, blind spot monitoring helps. Mustang wins big time

Overall? Both are good cars. I prefer my Mustang to be honest, but I do like the noise the Camaro makes. The salesperson said he’ll call me when the 1LE arrives, that might tip the hat in the Camaro’s favor