More specifically, my friend's 2004 Convertible with the 2.7L engine and 50,000 miles.

I have to say, it wasn't actually that bad. His needs a new top so it was a little noisy inside at highway speeds, but other than that, the 2.7L feels plenty powerful, it doesn't handle too terribly, and being a convertible it automatically makes it better.

The interior was obviously from early 2000s Chrysler, but the cloth seats were comfortable and the wheel had a nice feel in my hand. And the stereo was actually pretty decent for a stock unit.

His needs new brakes badly though. The pedal travel before anything actually happens is scarily long. And there were some strange creaks coming from the windows and top, but given it's an 11 year old Chrysler convertible, the odd squeak or rattle isn't unexpected. His also has a transmission seal leak, which given how he said the PO took terrible car of it apparently, that doesn't surprise me. And I have to help him replace the oil pressure sending unit, which given how quickly it came up on google, is a common problem on these cars.


Overall, very obviously a car from early 2000s America, but really not that bad. Plus the wind in your hair is just so great.