I drove a Deuce! 'Merica!

To call this left field would be an understatement. I have seen Deuces around on the net and always had a strange attraction to them. Rugged, semi truck like and when I looked into the rules completely legal to drive on a regular drivers license.

Fast forward to a Cars and Coffee a while back, where I saw one depart when I was posted on another corner far away from the exit he left at. Someone commented I missed the Deuce. I replied I saw it leave, but missed it due to being at another exit. I also mentioned I loved Deuces and would have filmed it 100%. The person who commented happened to be the owner, and as things seem to go among car (and truck) enthusiasts we got to talking and eventually he offered his time and his Deuce up for a review.


Grind gears? Check... Misshifts? Check... But if an army soldier couldn’t kill it I sure as heck don’t have the ability to according to the owner. And I tend to agree with that notion.

It was an awesome experience! Trust me on this... If an owner offers, you GOT to do it. You can’t ‘Merica much harder than this when it comes to vehicles!

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