My parents got a new car, and being the good son that I am, I drove it for a day. Funny thing is they aren’t car people by any means, they drive a hybrid Tahoe and a jk jeep wrangler, but maybe now they are!

C63 AMG cabrio

This thing is amazing. A... MAZ... ING....!11!!11

First off, I’ve driven an AMG GT-S back when I freelanced for Kelley Blue Book, and that’s when I think they started with the V8 bi-turbo engines. That engine is amazing, and along with the chassis, it’s one of the best Benz’s I’ve ever driven; plus it made me appreciate turbo v8's as well.

AMG GT-S press car

However, after driving the C63 AMG for a while, I think it’s more of a “live with day to day” car. Plus with my parents living in FL, the vert makes more sense too, and seating for 4 (somewhat comfortably) is nice too. Plus the M177 (thanks Amgtech) is a newer engine and sounds like this:

The only thing that isn’t great about the car is the stupid iPad looking Nav/media screen that is stuck in the center of the dash. But other than that, it’s comfortable and fast and loud. (It was in Sport+ the entire time;))