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I Drove a Lamborghini Gallardo This Weekend! (Here's a GIF and a Video)

Hi Oppo! As I mentioned here last week, my girlfriend bought me one of those driving experiences for my birthday where you get to drive a Ferrari F430 or a Lamborghini Gallardo four laps around an autocross course.


The fastest car I had ever driven was my own Audi A4 1.8T, so this was to be something new. After consulting you all here, I chose the Gallardo for a few reasons: 1) Lamborghinis were my first favorite car, 2) AWD would be better for a novice, and 3) Dat V10.


After waiting in the cold, rainy Maryland weather for two hours and being thoroughly frozen through, it was my turn. The first lap was instructional, the final three were hot.

A FEW DISCLAIMERS before the Oppo wolves descend:

1) He asked if I wanted to drive it in "manual" (flappy paddle) mode. I asked if I would be allowed to upshit and downshift as I wanted. He hesitated and it was obvious he didn't trust me (a stranger, potentially someone who can't drive, in his defense) with it, so I said fuck it, and drove it in automatic mode. Sue me. Sue me, hard.


2) I had the fastest laps of anyone I watched go before me, and I was there for two hours.

3) God this car is scary fast.

Enjoy living vicariously through someone who got (however briefly) to drive their dream car!


Full In-Car GoPro Video Here!

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