I need to get some video. There's no body roll, and no chassis flex with the top on going 50 on 20 MPH ramps. When I rolled into it getting onto the highway I was really pretty well pinned to the seat. I haven't had much time driving the car spiritedly because I've been working on some stuff, but I'm really pleasantly surprised when I do. Coming back there were a couple of guys sitting at the end of the alley my dad's house is on for some odd reason (they are town houses on the end of a lane of garages between two rows, I park in his garage) in a beaten up ranger with the lights out in the dark. I sat there and waved, they put their high beams on me and flipped me off, I revved the engine which made a considerable amount of noise, flashed my brights, and they blasted off down neighborhood roads with tires shreaking after kindly screaming profanities and flashing their tattoos. Who needs a gun when they have a worn out C4? (I think most owners would recommend both). Anyways, that's a pretty intense moment for where my dad lives. And that concludes this cool story bro story.