What is the sound of one piston slapping?
What is the sound of one piston slapping?

So I was riding down to Jones Beach and decided to go ride on the boardwalk since you’re allowed to ride there all year now. I ended up in a parking lot and saw a beautiful green 1974 MGB and looked at it for a bit. I noticed something strange about it, the steering wheel was on the right side, there weren’t any big bumpers or side markers so I knew this was a British-spec car. I also saw a sticker on the rear windshield that said, “Airbag??? I’ll die like a man!” which is pretty funny. Next thing you know the owner and his wife show up and tells me I can have the car for $5,000. Obviously I don’t have that kind of money but the owner then gives me the keys and asks if I want to drive it around the lot. I said yes of course and drove it, it was unlike anything I’ve ever driven before; the steering wheel was on the right side and it had no power steering (like many old cars) but it was so fun to drive, even though I didn’t exceed 10 miles per hour. I now know that I must own an old British sports car in my life.

The owner and his wife were pretty cool, I bet they were happy that someone as young as me (I’m 21) appreciate old sports cars like that MG.


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