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I drove a RWD ranger for a day

And I didn’t snap oversteer into any crowds. But the rear brakes did lock up while braking lightly on a damp concrete offramp. The steering is a suggestion and I thought I was going to die on the freeway at 80. The gears all grind. The windshield angle is such that I need windshield wipers in the snow (I don’t in my outback). It does have torque though but it’s useless with no weight in the bed and rwd. It does one thing well and only one thing; it hauls furniture. I got back in my subaru tonight and breathed a sigh of relief. Oh and at least I know how to drive in boots without revving to 3500 when releasing the clutch.......................

Tl;dr don’t buy a Ford truck from the 90's unless you are a budget carpenter or need to regularly haul shit for cheap


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