You may recall I’ve lusted after an e46 ZHP in the past. Or you may not. I finally got in front of one this weekend and drove it. I had figured that by now I had probably hyped it up in my mind and that it wouldn’t live up to my expectations. I was wrong. So wrong.

It was possibly the most balanced car I’ve ever driven. Taking cloverleaf on ramp/off ramps could be done at 70-80 mph without hesitation. Power delivery was smooth and consistent. Everything felt solid, dare I say bank vault solid.


Steering feel. So much steering feel. Hydraulic steering for lyfe.

This particular example had a scant 54,000 miles, and comes quite dearly. Zoom in to see the price.

My previous plan was to find a cheaper one, with higher mileage, that might need a touch of attention. Now seeing a completely sorted example, I’m not so sure.

I have a confuse.