Not actual car pictured
Not actual car pictured

I had nothing to do this afternoon and my local Subaru dealer had a base model 5 speed listed for sale. For giggles and because I was bored I decided to swing by and see if I could take it for a test drive. The 5 speed wasn’t available to test drive so I took a CVT equipped Sport hatch out instead. I liked it?

I shot the idea down before but I was honestly really impressed. The new global platform has none of the buzzy qualities of my sister’s 2012 Hatch and when you gave it some gas you even got a small hint of the classic boxer rumble. It was quiet, comfortable, and very composed. Only complaints from a daily driving perspective was the complete lack of any steering feel and the CVT being completely brainless (seriously Subaru, you have gone backwards since 2012). If the numbers work out to allow me to keep the Mini as a track/autocross car I can see myself leasing a Sport Sedan with the 5 speed to be the reliable Mon-Fri car. It can’t fill the autocross and track roles of the Mini but it could be a nice daily driver.


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