My aunt’s 2017 XT5 Premium FWD.


Okay, a little more detail.

The 3.6L V6 is just as buttery smooth as I remember, even more powerful (because it is over the 257hp one in the Vue,) and sounds even more amazing. I was barely touching 4,000 rpm and it was singing. Redline is 7,000rpm which is pretty damn high. Power comes on in a very linear fashion and never feels lacking IMO.

The chassis is so well composed and the steering is pretty direct and nice. It’s a little light in touring mode but firms up perfectly in sport. You’d never know it was rolling on 20" wheels because it’s just that smooth.

The interior is... Wow. Everything you touch is soft and lovely. I couldn’t get over how nice the leather on the steering wheel was. CUE has been upgraded and works great now. Seriously if you haven’t messed with CUE since it first came out go play with it again. The perforated leather on the dash around the CUE screen actually works really well IMO. The aluminum strips have a really nice brushed look to it that flows really nice. The seats are insanely comfy and have tons of adjustability (including thigh extensions which are the best.)

The exterior takes the SRX design and makes it sexy. The metal trim accents are NOT chrome. It’s like a polished aluminum that looks really upscale. This one is finished in metallic grey and the paint looked flawless to me and had a ton of metal flake. The 20" wheels look really nice and fill the wheel wells very well.


Overall, in the short time I drove it I couldn’t find a single thing I didn’t like. My aunt loves it and chose it over an X3 35i, and she was once said she would never buy anything but a BMW. Save the “Nice Equinox” comments because that would just be insulting and incorrect to say about such a nice car