I drove my first diesel

It sucked. Europe can keep their stinkin’ diesels.

I rented an XC60 while I was in Italy. No idea which diesel engine (there’s apparently three versions: 150, 190, and 235 hp).


Honestly, it’s like driving a dormant volcano; 4000 rpms of absolutely nothing, and then ALL THE POWER AT ONCE, and then you’re out of revs and have to upshift.

The automatic was geared for fuel economy, so naturally, it avoided the brief powerband like the plague. And the gears weren’t short enough to stay in the powerband when I did floor it, so the car was constantly lagging and lurching.

It was legitimately dangerous to drive, because it WOULD NOT FUCKING ACCELERATE when pulling out of a junction. I almost got rear-ended twice because the smoggy little fucker wouldn’t rev.

At least an underpowered gasoline engine has some enthusiasm while revving. My Miata had just 128hp, and my mom’s Prius had a measly 110hp, and yet both felt leagues faster than this shitty Volvo.

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