I just got back from a trip to Germany. My wife planned everything, so we did a lot of castle sightseeing and other tourist activities. The one thing I insisted on was driving the Nurburgring. To do so, we ended up driving most of the way across Germany, but it was worth it.

The day before I was to drive, I got very nervous. I had never driven anything on a track except a gocart. I almost decided to just take a Ring Taxi ride. But it was too late.

I rented a Suzuki Swift from Rent 4 Ring. Top notch outfit, they made me very comfortable. I had to go through a safety briefing, get situated in the car, and learn Ring etiquette. Taking the advice of just about everyone, I decided to have an instructor go with me. I’m so glad I did.

Here I am with my track pass, trying to not look as scared as I was:

Getting fitted in the seat, learing the controls:


The swift only has around 140hp. It has no engine modifications, all the upgrades are in the suspension, brakes, tires and chassis.

Me with my car. The balaclava was kid of a PITA.


Then I got in and staged for my two laps, so I don’t have any pics. I took my GoPro, but it wasn’t turned on for the first lap. That’s OK, there were lots of yellow flags that lap, but I missed getting an Audi TT with the front end destroyed on video. I got he second lap on video though.

I got passed by a lot of cars. I’m not a heroic driver. I was scared, nervous and doing my best to follow what the instructor said.


It was an amazing experience, I had about as much fun as you can with your pants on. All I could think about for the next few days was getting my own race car.