I drove one of the 400 Alfa Romeo 4Cs on a F1 racetrack. Was it better than a Porsche Cayman?

Being a up and coming YouTube car reviewer, & burgeoning Automotive Journalist- I get to drive some pretty cool cars. Sometimes I even get to drive them on tracks ! One such car was the Alfa Romeo 4c which we all need to buy as only 400 were sold last year. That’s a real shame.

Last year I was at a event at Circuit of the Americas, a Formula 1 track in Austin, & a Alfa Romeo 4c was there. You can imagine, I didn’t have to think twice about taking it out!


I actually took it out twice, and would have gone 200 times if I didn’t have to play nice and share the car with others out there. I have been blessed enough to have driven several hundred cars in my short life, and really do think in something under 100k this was by far my favorite!

Ok now to commit some Porsche blasphemy (it’s ok I have a 997 Turbo). I’ve owned a Boxster and had 2 friends with Caymans, so I was pretty excited to drive the Italian Cayman. At the end of the day, I actually walked away thinking this was actually better in many ways...

Those ways are that it sounded better, had a more pure, less isolated driving experience (no power steering vs an electric system), and of course looked more striking (won’t say better, as that’s subjective and the Cayman does look nice).

Of course, the Porsche has a nicer interior, smoother ride, better storage, and more everyday drivability. But is that really what you care about in this class of car? I have to say in that class of car, this is probably the most pure and visceral experience out there and that’s what a mid engine sports car is all about.


What do you guys think? Any cars under 100k that look more exotic & handles like this? A Lotus perhaps.

Check out the video of me on the track below, and as always, it means a lot if you enjoyed please Star, Share, and Follow.

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