I drove the Miata into a ditch


2 diagonal wheels were in the air, and the front bumper was booped in about 6 inches. The one rear wheel that was touching the ground had no traction, and upon getting out I could make the car teeter-totter with maybe 20 lbs of force. Car was at a 35 degree angle. Genuinely thought I’d have to make some dude in a big lifted truck’s day by asking to be winched out, but....

I pushed it out by myself, because Miata. The bumper un-booped itself and there’s no damage whatsoever because—again—Miata. I think the underbody cladding really made a huge difference. Last time I got high-centered offroad the frame rails dug into the ground and I didn’t have a chance, even with another guy pushing. This was a much steeper, more precarious perch but the aluminum plate covering the underbody not only kept *literally everything* from breaking/puncturing/tearing/etc., it also kept the frame rails from digging in to the ground! $350 well spent.


Note to self. If you finish a 9 hour snow hike and decide to take a nap in your car, make sure that you’re on flat ground so you don’t accidently engage the clutch while alseep, go into neutral and roll 50 ft down a mountain road, crashing awake.

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