Alright. My mother said someone had to go get milk. I said I would go. Dad gave me the keys to his almost a year old 435i xdrive. It's his retirement gift to himself. I took my wife with, since we are not frequenters of close-to-posh things. Interesting......It's lux-re-uhs!

It's not going to ever be anything like a 3-series or M5. It's built to blitzkrieg the on ramp and warp drive the autobahn's big sweeping curves. This is not for track days. This is not for comparing to any BMW race car or track car. this is for travelling 900 miles in fifty-eight minutes to that business meeting at the bank.

I used it to get milk. It was night.

On the way back, we happened upon a nice open wide road with a lack of traffic. Foot to the floor. I don't know what a seventy-three year old man needs with sixty in under five seconds. The inline six, with my foot to the floor, sounds somewhat muffled what with a few turbos to breathe through and all. It's sort of like a glorious screaming orgasm into a pillow. Only the attentive will notice it's song. My wife uncontrollably said, "..jesus.." and we were at ninety.


That was enough. The speed limit sign no longer had numbers on it. Jail it said instead. The car pulls with locomotive stylings. Eight speeds of automatic feels very strange. but the power and torque is so fat with that transmission, it's not so much pummeling my back with gear changes but more or less pulsing waves of thrust. So, can I call the acceleration buzz-bomb like?

They do make an M4. I'm sure that's more track ready. The regular 4 series is a sweet ride, but it's not the sports car people expect from BMW. It's a businessman's GT interstate destroyer with a great ride when you want it.