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I drove through the snow

Oppo, I really need to tell my managers one of these day "there's too much snow, I'm working from home today!" Ugh...

The issue is, I can look out my window, see 3 inches of snow and figure "I can drive through that". I'm not saying I'm an amazing driver, I just know the extent of my abilities....which I like to keep pushing any chance I get.

And it doesn't help that I have a "honest Abe-like" personality. If I think I can drive through the snow and ice, I will do it. I can gauge if I can or can't, and i have never said no yet.


I guess this just irks me a bit because I live 40 minute away, and people who are 10 minutes say they can't come in, -_-.

At least I can take pleasure in knowing that I've improved my driving skills a bit.

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