Because ‘MURICA!

Actually, because $400 in good running condition. It’s nice when your coworker decides to buy a new car and is like “Hey...anybody need a car? I was gonna throw it on craigslist, but I’d rather sell it to a friend.” Since the Windstar kicked the bucket, we’ve been needing another vehicle that the girlfriend can drive for errands and such while I’m at work and considering she grew up driving old Crown Vics, it seemed like a no-brainer.

Nitty gritty? 4.6 liter modular V8, RWD, 4-speed automatic (the only transmission that was offered for them). 193k miles but aside from needing new rear rotors and pads (soon), a new serpentine belt (done) , an A/C recharge (done), a new parking light lens (soon), a 12v outlet (done), windshield wipers (done), a new air filter (done), and a long cleaning session (in progress), it’s pretty much good to go. For $400? I can’t complain, haha.

Oh, and the Mini got some loving:


Grabbed a set of autocross wheels and tires off a buddy of mine. Drove 2 hours to get them, but considering he let me have them for $250 and the wheels are 11lbs apiece at 16x7 with my bolt pattern and the proper hubcentric rings and the tires still have an autocross or so left in them, it was hard to pass up. They’ve been checked for balance and true and they’re good to go.


Also took a trip to DDM Works, since they’re only 10 minutes down the road from me. Being a member of the local Mini owners club, I get a discount, too. I already have their intercooler boots and love them. I recently got a Helix cold air intake assembly from a friend for cheap with the only issue being the el-cheapo Upgr8/eBay filter that came with it. I decided to grab one of the custom-sized dual-stage foam UNI filters that DDMW uses on their own CAI kit, since it fits the airbox space perfectly and provides maximum filtration with more than enough CFM flow for the engine.


I gotta say, the supercharger whine with the CAI kit? Is pants-tighteningly good- genuinely addictive. You even hear the whistle of the bypass valve actuating at partial throttle.

So, at this point, my garage consists of:

-AWD: 1991 Audi 80 quattro 5MT - 2.3L Naturally aspirated slant-5
-FWD: 2006 Mini Cooper S 6MT - 1.6L Supercharged inline-4
-RWD: 1997 Ford Thunderbird LX 4AT- 4.6L Naturally-aspirated V8

AWD, FWD, and RWD?


I gotta Jalop does that make my driveway now?