I feel 200 years old

I have a red Honda Jazz/Fit 2019. Got it in a company scheme where for a fixed amount I get the car, maintenance, tax, tires and insurance included for £295/mo. It was a good deal because insurance was really expensive (£1000+) for me as an immigrant in the UK, despite driving since 2006 in my home country.

The problem is that, despite living in a subscription economy, I hate to pay “large” sums monthly. So I was always considering returning the car after the 1st year (but there was a £1k fine for doing so), so I could get the non-claim bonus, therefore a cheaper insurance, and going back to a cheap car. But the convenience of having a new car was good enough, even if I’m not in love with the red Jazz.


Then, covid-19 pandemic started.

My company started talking about redundancies and, anxious as I am, I started fearing the worst. Meanwhile, a Brazilian friend with a pregnant wife back in Brazil was afraid to get stranded here, due to flight cancellation and borders closing. In the quickest way I’ve ever seen, he managed to end his rent contract, quit his job, and came to my house in his 130.000mi 2009 Jazz. Sparing you from the details, I drove him to the airport the next morning and was left with the mission of selling his car.


As the Prime Minister asked, I am working from home and not leaving much. At the weekend I was bored enough and went to clean both Honda’s. Doing that, I realized that my friend’s car was really in good shape. He had said that anything around £800 would be acceptable to sell the car. I entered the company benefit system and checked the current value of the early contract termination fee: now it was only £300. Then I’ve checked what the insurance would cost me: £45/mo. The tax would be £11/mo. You can see where this is heading, right?

Long story short I am the proud owner of not only one, but TWO Honda Jazz. Jazzes? Whatever. The 2019 1.3 CVT in Red will be returned at some point in April. The 2009 1.2 Manual in Blue is waiting for the red to be returned to be put in place. Just need two tires and the airbag recall.


And I am finally, FINALLY free from that terrible CVT, while saving £240/mo.

I feel 200yo by owning two Fits, but I am a happy man.

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