When we last left Captain Pedantic, he was beating himself up and ordering a new intake manifold after cracking his existing intake while installing studs. Despite chasing the previously unused threads with a tap, the stud didn’t go in smooth and the aluminum gave.

And here is my new manifold, with the studs and spacer installed. End of the story, right?


Turns out that the problem wasn’t the threads I chased in the intake, but the threads on the shitty Made in Taiwan studs that came with the Mr. Gasket phenolic spacer I bought. I discovered this while trying to thread the new studs into the new intake, having them not go in clean, chasing the threads in the intake, and still not having them go in clean.


The solution? Chase the threads on the studs with a die

That problem solved, if the weather cooperates (and my new intake bolts arrive tomorrow) I will tackle the intake, and the heater hoses, and the serpentine belt system, all on Sunday.