I feel dumb (lots of jag stuff)

I’ve been cursing the Jag this whole time for the doors not lining up properly and the resulting wind noise. I’ve been putting off and putting off removing the door panels and spending a few hours with a jack and a bunch of extensions and shims adjusting the stupid hinges. It wasn’t that hard. It was 5 minutes with a torx bit. The bit that the latch grabs on to is held in place by a sandwich allowing it to be positioned in the door opening. Over time the bolts that held that bit in position had loosened and it had moved outboard. Loosen bolts (that were already barely finger tight), move latch in, tighten down, door lines up now. Goddammit. Before:



And here’s what was wrong with my distributor.

mmmmmm, crusty 40 year old GM wiring. I already ordered a new wiring harness. I also put in a new coil.


Shiny! Made an XK friend at lunch.


I also got my service manual. This thing is awesome, just look.


AAAAHHHH SO DETAILED! And it has all the info for my oddly obscure Pre-HE model!

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